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The GEODES Seminar aims to bring together members of the group in a semi-formal setting with a semi-regular timing.
We'd especially love to see students at all levels reporting their progress, entertain presentations on core or adjacent topics, host dry-runs before conferences, etc.

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There are no upcoming events scheduled currently. Check back later.

Previous talks this season

  • Open collaborative data engineering

    The JValue project investigates open collaborative data engineering: We are trying to take the world of open-source software engineering to data engineering. In this talk, I will focus on Jayvee, the language, and its integration with JV Hub and JV Cloud.

    2023-12-01@11h30 3195, Pav. André-Aisenstadt
  • Video Game Software Engineering: Troubles, Techniques, and Tools

    Creating games is an art but it also requires deep, cutting-edge technical knowledge from developers. This seminar presents the research on the software engineering aspects of video game development. In special, the problems (troubles), the game engines (tools), and the testing methods (techniques).

    2023-10-27@11h30 3195, Pav. André-Aisenstadt
  • Conceptualization and Development of ML-based Recommender Systems for Software Engineering [presentation]

    Recommender systems for software engineering (RSSEs) are complex software systems that suggest relevant items of interest according to the application domain. The goal of this talk is twofold. First, I present developed RSSEs for two specific tasks: OSS project categorization and recommendation of modeling artifacts. Afterward, I discuss an MDE-based tool that simplifies the design, optimization, and deployment of recommender systems, making them more accessible to those without prior expertise.

    2023-10-20@11h30 1207, Pav. André-Aisenstadt

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