Welcome to the 2022 edition of the GEODES Research Day and Symposium.
This event aims to bring together current members of GEODES to exchange research results, ideas, and plans.

The event provides graduate students with an excellent opportunity to hone their presentation skills and to get ready for larger venues (workshops, conferences). This is especially important as life gets back to normal after COVID-19, and scientific events will switch to in-person formats (at least partially).
The series of presentations allows for a hands-on assessment of the balance between the focus areas of the group. Professors and postdocs might want to leverage this opportunity for roadmapping exercises and setting tangible goals for the forthcoming year.
Finally, this event provides permanent members and visiting scholars a structured way of learning about each other's focus areas, research directions and latest results, thereby fostering future collaborations.

  • Format: In person
  • Date: May 17, 2022 at 08:45
  • Location: Campus MIL, Room A-3561. 1375 Ave.Thérèse-Lavoie-Roux, Montréal


The event consists of two distinct parts: the Research Day, and the Symposium.
First, during the Research Day, we will entertain a range of presentations and demos. We kick off at 8h45, and conclude at around 17h.
Then, around 18h, we proceed with the Symposium, an informal get-together


  • Flash talks 5 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion
  • Technical presentations 10 minutes talk + 5 minutes discussion
  • Demos 10 minutes + 5 minutes discussion
Time Presenter Topic
08:45 Eugene SYRIANI Welcome and Overview of our research in modeling and simulation [PDF]
Design and Uncertainty
09:00 Michalis FAMELIS Towards understanding and managing design-time uncertainty 5' + 5'
09:15 Mouna DHAOUADI Design rationale extraction and management 5' + 5'
Model-driven Engineering
09:30 MohammadAmin ZAHERI Catch me if you can: towards consistency management in low-code platforms 10' + 5'
09:50 Istvan DAVID Real-time collaborative modeling by conflict-free replicated data types [PDF] 10' + 5'
10:10 Coffee break
10:20 Louis-Edouard LAFONTANT Gentleman as a CMS editor: a web app integration [PDF] 10' + 5'
10:40 Aurelien DUCOIN Generation of graphical projectional editors 10' + 5'
11:00 Manouchehr ZADAHMAD Domain-specific version control systems [PDF] 10' + 5'
11:20 Zahra VARAMINYBAHNEMIRY Social diversity for ATL repair 10' + 5'
11:40 Lunch Break
AI for SE 1
12:40 Bentley James OAKES Addressing domain-specific problems with machine learning solutions 10' + 5'
13:00 Lola BURGUEÑO Facilitating the definition and improving the quality of domain models using an NLP-based assistant [PDF] 10' + 5'
13:20 Song YANG Getting UML class diagrams from English, Automatically 10' + 5'
13:40 Martin WEYSSOW Better modeling the programming world with code concept-graphs multimodal learning [PDF] 5' + 5'
13:55 Coffee break
AI for SE 2
14:00 Jessie GALASSO-CARBONNEL Code sophistication 10' + 5'
14:20 Oussama BEN SGHAIER On the use of pre-trained language models and ensemble learning to assist developers during code review 10' + 5'
14:40 Lucas MAES Software Distillation 10' + 5'
15:00 Aton KAMANDA Solving hierarchical tasks with Large Language Models Trained on Code 10' + 5'
15:20 Coffee break
15:30 Discussion begins
17:00 Discussion ends
18:00 Social event