The GEODES group 2023-2024

Our group organized a SEMTL meeting at Station Biologiques des Laurentides to enable researchers in software engineering from various groups to share their work. This gathering allowed us to foster ideas about future research and start new collaborations.

The SEMTL meeting was part of a two-day research retreat (Sep. 8, 2023 – Sep 9, 2023).

Research retreat

Day one: SEMTL meeting

Day one was dedicated to the SEMTL meeting, beginning with a keynote, then short presentations, and closing with a social event. The aim was to encourage contact between institutions in Montreal and ensure that researchers have another venue to share their work and start collaborations.

Day two: GEODES at work (and having fun)

The GEODES at work in the Laurentides The GEODES having fun in the Laurentides

Day two was dedicated to the activities within our group.