GEODES got two papers accepted for the Foundations track of the ACM/IEEE 24th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS). The two papers are:

  • Automated Patch Generation for Fixing Semantic Errors in ATL Transformation Rules, co-authored by Zahra Varaminybahnemiry, Jessie Galasso, Khalid Belharbi and Houari Sahraoui.
  • Collaborative Model-Driven Software Engineering: A Systematic Update, co-authored by Istvan David, Sogol Faridmoayer and Eugene Syriani, in collaboration with Kousar Aslam, Ivano Malavolta and Patricia Lago of the S2 Group of the VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

MODELS is an A-ranked conference with a highly selective programme. This year’s edition will see 18 accepted papers out of the submitted 81, good for a 22.2% acceptance rate. GEODES is responsible for 11.1% of the accepted papers.