Our Software and Systems Modeling (SoSym) article on Real-time collaborative multi-level modeling by conflict-free replicated data types by Istvan David and Eugene Syriani got invited to the Journal First track of MODELS 2023.

Our paper on Digital Twins for Cyber-Biophysical Systems: Challenges and Lessons Learned by Istvan David, Pascal Archambault, Quentin Wolak, Cong Vinh Vu, Houari Sahraoui, Eugene Syriani, and our industry partners at Ferme d’Hiver, Timothé Lalonde and Kashif Riaz has been accepted for MODELS 2023.

Our paper on Model consistency as a heuristic for eventual correctness, by Istvan David, Eugene Syriani, and Hans Vangheluwe has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Computer Languages.

In related news, Pascal’s short paper at ANNSIM on Co-Simulation For Controlled Environment Agriculture will be published soon by SCS.