Model Transformations for Concrete Problems: a Systematic Mapping Study

Edouard Batot, Houari Sahraoui, Eugene Syriani, Paul Molins, and Wael Sboui

DIRO, Université de Montréal, Canada


Abstract As a contribution to the adoption of the Model Driven Engineering (MDE) paradigm, the research community has proposed solutions to concrete model-transformation (MT) problems for the MDE infrastructure or for domainspecific problems. However, as the adoption increases and with the advent of the new initiatives for the creation of repositories, it is legitimate to question whether proposals for specific transformation problems can be still considered as research contributions or if they respond to a practical/technical work. In this paper, we report on a systematic mapping study that aims at understanding the trends and characteristics of specific model transformations published during the past 15 years. Our study shows that the number of papers with, as main contribution, a specific transformation solution, is not as high as expected. This number increased to reach a pick in 2010 and is decreasing since then. Our results also include a characterization and an analysis of the published proposals following a rigorous classification scheme.

Results Here are available the 82 papers we took in consideration for the mapping, and their classification into the scheme we detailed.