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Vasco - A Visual Churn Exploration Tool

Vasco is an interactive visualization tool for help in identifying churn in Java applications. Here's a screenshot of Vasco showing churn in an execution:


Vasco is available as a single executable jar for all supported platforms (MacOS, Linux, Windows). The latest version is 0.1.1.

Download (all platforms)

Running Vasco

To launch Vasco, you will need to have a Java Runtime Environment. Then, invoke the following command:

java -jar vasco-all-0.1.1.jar

Optionally, you can specify the name of an input file to open on the command line.

The source code is available from the GitHub project page under the Modified BSD License.

Sample data

Vasco supports two formats as input: a simple textual call graph format, and a bundle format that includes connection graphs.

Benchmark Callgraph only (.acct) Bundle (.viz)
Trade Direct-Standard Download (157KB) Download (2.4MB)
Trade Direct-WebServices Download (2.9MB) Download (82MB)
Trade EJB-Standard Download (1MB) Download (23MB)
Trade EJB-WebServices Download (3.9MB) Download (153MB)
Jazz Download (4.9MB) Download (175MB)

ICSM'12 supplemental material

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