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VERSO is a visualization framework that represents software in a 3D scene. It is used for program comprehension and analysis. VERSO represents an object oriented software's hierarchy by using containment layouts that illustrates the inclusion relation of classes and packages. Classes are represented as 3D rectangular boxes layed out on the surface plane. The latter is subdivided into regions representing the software packages. The idea is that classes belonging to a certain package are represented by 3D boxes placed on the region representing that package.

The software visualization provided by VERSO, is the basis for many program comprehension and analysis activities. Program comprehension is a difficult task as it implies the exploration of many software dimensions such as dynamic behaviour, bugs management, evolution, structure... VERSO visualization is a promessing approach to facilitate the software analysis. It is a semi-automatique approach that helps a developer to explore and anaylize a program to gain sufficient insight to be able to modify it. For instance, a developer may visualize the classes' relations within the program or trace the changes underwent by a software during its evolution.